Comprehensive API Services
Explore our Open APIS: Runes, BRC-20, BRC20-Swap, Inscribe, Marketplace, and UniSat Wallet. Seamlessly manage asset transactions in the blockchain world.
Comprehensive API Services
For conducting research and high-load testing. Get a one-time-key for your short-term project
USD · 1,000 calls
Monthly subscription
Rate Limit: 0 calls/day
Rate Limit: undefined calls/second
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For developers running bigger scripts, blockchain startups with the growing user-base
USD · 1,000 calls
Monthly subscription
Shared infrastructure
Basic email support
Blocked when daily limit reached
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Ideal for wallets, exchanges, and startups that reached the growth phase
USD · 1,000 calls
Monthly subscription
Dedicated infrastructure and SLA
Priority Telegram support
Occasionally go over the limit
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Custom your plan
Set up your own rules and requirements.
Shared infrastructureShared infrastructure
Basic email supportBasic email support
Blocked when daily limit reachedBlocked when daily limit reached
Dedicated infrastructure and SLADedicated infrastructure and SLA
Highly adapt to business requirementsHighly adapt to business requirements
Direct Customer SupportDirect Customer Support
Priority Telegram supportPriority Telegram support
And more...
Pay as you go
Suitable for temporary high-demand needs with flexible usage.
USD · 1,000 calls
Flexible call limits without expiry
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The Excellence of Our API Services
Seamless, scalable, secure, and efficient APIs with robust support, powering your success.
Seamless Integration & Usage
Easily integrate using our SDKs, online tools, testnet site, and demos for hassle-free operation.
Scalable & Advanced Features
Leverage our unique memory pool indexing and extensive indexes for scalable and advanced business needs.
Reliable Security
Depend on our regularly updated and tested API for your data's protection and operational reliability.
Efficient with Comprehensive Support
Benefit from optimized task handling and comprehensive technical support to address any challenges.
The Excellence of Our API Services
Documentation & Support
Quickly access API documentation and get professional support
Frequently Asked Questions
Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.
What is the UniSat API for?

UniSat API stands as the first BRC20 index API provider and an indexer for top exchanges. It enables queries for BTC and BRC20 balances, transaction histories, inscriptions, and more. Deploy your own inscription minting services and BRC20 inscription trading marketplace with UniSat API.

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