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Why use UniSat Wallet?
No need to run full node
Instant Change Avail.
The output will be instantly available by using UniSat inscribing
Why should I use UniSat Wallet when there are many existing wallets that support Ordinals NFTs?>
While there are several wallets that support Ordinal NFTs, many of them have significant limitations. For instance, the official wallet (ordinals.com) requires you to run a full node, which can be quite heavyweight. The ordinals wallet (@ordinalswallet) supports storing NFTs, but it doesn’t support transferring them.
In contrast, UniSat Wallet is a lightweight browser extension wallet that boots in seconds. It enables you to receive, store, and send NFTs just like any typical Bitcoin transaction. With UniSat Wallet, you can enjoy a seamless and hassle-free experience.
Why is it important to see unconfirmed NFTs immediately?>
UniSat Wallet allows you to view unconfirmed NFTs immediately by showing the most recent inscribed NFTs in the mempool. This feature enables you to check the details of your NFTs before they get mined into blocks. You can even replace-by-fee to override the old NFT to correct any errors if necessary.
It’s worth noting that all existing wallets and explorers that support Ordinal NFTs don’t support showing unconfirmed NFTs at this time. This makes users wait longer to see their creations, which can be frustrating.
Does UniSat Wallet know my private key? How can I trust you?>
No, UniSat Wallet does not store your private key on its servers. Your private key is kept on the client-side, just like what happens in MetaMask. You can be confident that your private key is secure and well-protected.
Moreover, the entire process logic of UniSat Wallet can be verified in the publicly distributed wallet source-code, which is available on our GitHub repository ([https://github.com/unisat-wallet/extension](https://github.com/unisat-wallet/extension)). UniSat Wallet is a non-custodial wallet, and you should save your mnemonics in a safe place of your own choosing.